Wow! Toronto! I arrived in Toronto with my mom on Saturday, and it has been a blast so far! Wandering beautiful neighbourhoods, shopping along Bloor Street, admiring the architecture AND… American Authors! the Script! ONEREPUBLIC! One of the best concerts I have ever been to! 3 bands and 4 hours of crazy loud crazy good... Continue Reading →

Mexican Hot Chocolate Muffins

That's right, not just your average chocolate chunk muffins, Mexican Hot Chocolate Muffins. For those of you who have never heard of this kind of hot chocolate, its hot chocolate but with a kick! Remember… the movie? Chocolat?  Now, real Mexican Hot Chocolate is made with pure cocoa, cinnamon, and chiles - so I can't say that these are... Continue Reading →


I have been researching Amphitheatres at work lately and have found some really interesting examples. I admire the simplicity of the form, and how it can be applied at a number of scales and is one of the most efficient ways of seating many people. Though the technical aspects of the amphitheatre has not changed... Continue Reading →

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