Some people have Julia Child or Julia Roberts as their source of inspiration – me, I have Julia Milner.

 Julia is an inspiring friend of mine, who has now motivated me to actually figure out what I want to do with this blog, and all she had to do was get herself a job! (Well and read my blog!) Obviously it was more complicated than that, but she recently got a job offer in Toronto at the Engineers without Borders headquarters – without there really being a job in the first place. How did she do this? Julia pitched her own job! She wrote her cover letter as though she were applying to her perfect position, and told the company exactly what awesomeness she could do for them. THEN she created herself a twitter and facebook account called #HireJulia – where she called upon past coworkers, bosses, teachers, and friends to tweet or send her a reference. She had a spectacular response and BAM the company created an internship position for her!

 Now that is going after what you want and getting it!

 Thus I have decided to do the same. I have decided to focus my blog around what I am good at (namely reading, writing, and to an extent art), and what I enjoy about architecture and design. Of course there will be an occasional recipe, fashion post, and random update here and there but here is what I would like to explore:

  • Peruse the major architecture websites and link you to and tell you about all the fascinating projects that appear there

  • Create the “Thursday Three” where I highlight three architecture, design, art or landscape projects that have to do with a particular theme

  • Post photographs, drawings, doodles, etc.

  • Post essays that I have written throughout school, or have decided to undertake in the near future

  • Read cool books and provide summaries and commentary on them – not ALL of them will be on architecture so don’t worry

  • At some point start working on updating and playing around with some of my architecture school projects – making them better, and spending more time exploring the ideas fully (sometimes a semester was just not enough) – and post any techniques or ideas that I have while doing this

  • Post local events going on in Calgary (so you all know!)

  • Post mini reports on local buildings or spaces I have visited (so I actually get out more often ha)

  • Potentially get some guest posters (ahem, Julia?)

So it is a lot of stuff that I want to do – perhaps a little ambitious, but hey, a little ambition never hurt anyone (duh duh duh duuuuuuuhhhh). Anyways, I cannot promise that I will be super on top of things to begin with, but I now have direction, motivation, and inspiration – because of a super cool friend of mine named Julia, and as she has demonstrated, that is a powerful combination.

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