What’s Trending October 19-25

Here’s what’s going on in the Architectural world this week: Love the concept of making a bookstore almost like a library with social gathering as a focus, not sure how easy it is to clean the shelves though! I seriously think this is the future of skyscrapers, though I am not sure how they are... Continue Reading →

ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION PAGES One of the easiest ways to find inspiration for your own project presentations, particularly during school, is to look at what other people are doing in competitions. There are a number of amazing competition sites out there that put many or all of their participant's projects up on their websites. I have... Continue Reading →

What’s Trending: October 12-18

    Photo Credit: architecturesketch Here's what's going on in the Architectural world this week (click the links to see more info!): This building will be interesting to construct but could be a pretty neat place to work I am kind of hoping they will NOT be making this white... it is a train station after all. This... Continue Reading →

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