Late night thoughts.

Watched Minority Report. On my drive home from my boyfriends I listened to a song I’ve never heard on ElectricArea, “We’re all We Need.”

Somehow randomly got to thinking about last Thanksgiving, where I had this really nice experience with my mom. We were the last to leave Kelowna, having cleaned up after all the company. We stopped at a roadside stop for a very late lunch. There was a nip to the air as there usually is in October. We found a picnic table by the edge of the lake, took out the thanksgiving leftovers. Ate turkey sandwiches with Brie, on cranberry sourdough bread. Ate pumpkin pie tarts with whipped cream for dessert. Laughed and just enjoyed the moment.

This Thanksgiving just didn’t seem quite as ‘magical’ but I just realized maybe that’s why it wasn’t. I was trying too hard to force the magic, trying to recreate a moment that cannot be recreated. It was so wonderful because that’s exactly what it was – a moment – a thoroughly enjoyed moment. We are often lost in the efforts of making everything perfect, preparing that perfect meal, making sure our guests have that perfect time, that we forget to actually just enjoy it.

As many have said before – live in the moment. A lofty goal to be sure. But a moment is small. It is infinite. It is focused. Focus on the present, enjoy the little things you do in a day. Do plan for your future but don’t expect it to be a linear and solid line, expect it to be made of pinpricks. A million pinpricks can fill the sky with light. If you can do that, you will have many memories, many moments, to recall as you travel your future, whatever that future may be.

Anyways. Late Night Ravings. Sometimes you just have to let things happen

(enter Tom Cruise).

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