What’s Trending January 05-11

What’s Trending January 05-11

It was a fairly laid back week for me this week (at work anyways), just worked on doing some LEED documentation. It is exciting to get to participate in projects such as the one I am working on, which is going for LEED Gold as I am hugely encouraged by any project that tries to be more sustainable. Buildings are responsible for the highest amount of green house gases (yes, more than cars), so it is our responsibility as architects to help change that. I am also excited because it allows me to learn more about the process of LEED as I am looking to do my Green Associate exam, and then eventually my LEED AP.
So here is what I saw trending this week!
15 architecture projects to look forward to in 2015 (to be finished!)


I am a sucker for any sort of interesting landscape integration


This reminds me of a project we had to do in school (not to sure it works in real life?)


Interesting articles about running an architectural business


Free graphic 2015 calendar pages! To start your year off right


Here’s something fun you can make for your desk with a material a lot of Architecture Students already have!


 And look at this! A guide to current Architectural Trends! (As a whole)
trendsHave a great week!


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  1. Awesome architecture photos.

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