Life Lately

Well hello again! It’s only been, what, a few years since last hearing from me? Every time I took a look at my blog and the 2015 date on the last post I cringed in guilt. But at the same time, I realized perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew at that time in my life, particularly after my now-husband proposed to me and I set about planning a wedding, getting married, and then taking my Architectural exams (which required an abhorrent amount of study time!) and finally feeling more or less settled so many years later.

In a way I feel alright about it considering I have so few followers at this point, and didn’t really have a guiding concept other than Architecture for my blog. To those who do follow me religiously (good friends and family) I apologize for my absence. But here I am again, refreshed and more-or-less with a determination to make this work and to enjoy it as an important element in my life.

I have, of late, been doing some “soul searching.” Everything in my life is great, wonderful in fact, but I miss having a bit of purpose or explore-time that being in school afforded me. Work also provides some great time for discovery, but as work should be, it is dedicated to particular goals and directions as dictated by the projects I get to work on. So I have decided to do something strictly for me, and for my future and goals – and hopefully as a product, of interest to my audience.

So, though the last time I made a post such as this and it didn’t necessarily keep me accountable, I have decided to post it anyways and make the attempt! As such, this is what you can expect from me in the near future of this blog:

  • I will continue to produce posts that I feel are relevant to Intern Architects, Architecture as a whole and the experiences I am having as a woman in the business of Architecture
  • I will be providing personal updates in a similar fashion, but more focused on my personal life and specific goals I wish to share in regards to fitness, food, and perhaps even fashion if I am feeling particularly “On-Trend”
  • I have decided to create a new series of posts termed “Design Dialogue” to expand my network and learn from my peers by conducting interviews with local Calgary entrepreneurs, up-and-coming individuals, and influencers in the design community in Calgary
  • I would also like to post about local events that I attend, and things I see around town – or whatever town I happen to be in at the time!
  • I will do my best to continue the “Thursday Three” posts as I so love doing research and finding more information about built projects, though depending on how life goes it may become a bi-weekly event
  • I will be posting inspiration images for projects I am working on, or just what I happen to be pinning or finding on IG as a way of amping up my week and getting excited about design – I’ve always loved these types of posts on other people’s blogs as a way of discovering new things
  • Finally, I am going to see if I can find some people around me who can do some guest posts, or as this blog develops link up with other bloggers for some joint posts – again I feel like this will help achieve some great networking (which I am absolutely horrible at!)

To everyone who follows me so far, I very much appreciate you taking time to read my posts and browse through my blog. Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing your feedback or comments on the new stuff coming up!


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