Monday Motivation

Happy March! It’s supposed to be spring back home, but it appears winter has decided to stay. Here in Perth we are going into Autumn – but still feels like summer!


My brother sent me an interesting article today regarding the “Tyranny of Convenience” and I thought it was quite profound. With my lifestyle change of late – i.e. not having a car and being in a new City – I certainly understand inconvenience but instead of viewing it as a bad thing, I am looking to embrace it.

“Today’s cult of convenience fails to acknowledge that difficulty is a constitutive feature of human experience. Convenience is all destination and no journey. But climbing a mountain is different from taking the tram to the top, even if you end up at the same place. We are becoming people who care mainly or only about outcomes. We are at risk of making most of our life experiences a series of trolley rides.” – Tim Wu New York Times Opinion


The struggle to switch from a full-time go-to-work-everyday with intense pressure situation lifestyle to work-from-home on my own schedule with very little pressure lifestyle has been a strange adjustment. I catch myself feeling that not being as busy equates to wasting time – however this is just not true. I’ve spent time on myself as opposed to always spending time for everyone else, something I know many people have trouble justifying. So though it is not easy, I am working on no longer being so concerned with justification, and just enjoying (for the first time in my life) slow living, being health-centric, and having a flexible schedule. Who knows where it will lead!


Have a great week friends!

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