Monday Motivation

Today is a much cooler day here in Perth. Cloudy, windy, bit of rain – and humid. It’s counter intuitive but down here we are moving into Fall. I really have no idea what to expect from the colder months here – I am used to the chill in the air, the changing of the colours and then bam! Snow and cold. Now I know there will be no snow here (never recorded snowfall in Perth – but watch as it happens just because I moved here), but regardless the cool weather has me dreaming of cozy things.


Perth has some great coffee, I for sure am looking forward to sweater weather and hopefully when I make a few friends, coffee dates. I know, I know – everyone is rolling their eyes wondering why the hell I want cold weather – but I LOVE Fall!!!


I am obsessed with these chunky-knit blankets – I just wish they weren’t so expensive! I was scrolling through my pinterest and realized more than half of my interior images have these in them. Maybe I will try DIY one of these days. Also digging the pink and grey palette at the moment!


I’ve seen a lot of velvet things in fashion lately – maybe I am behind (I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination) – but regardless I totally love the luxurious texture of these ribbons. Also the rich colours. A friend of mine is going to have jewel-tone emerald as one of her Wedding colours – so stoked for it!


Loving this laid back look – not sure it will ever be cold enough here, but layers of cozy are amazing. My goal is to achieve the chill-chic look one day.

Anyways – super random post this morning – but there you have it, my cozy/pink/velvety/relaxed motivation for this week 😉

Have a great week friends!

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