Monthly Motivation – September

Welcome to September friends – here Spring has sprung, and back home in Canada it appears Autumn has hit early. As the flowers start to bloom here and the temperatures slowly rise I’ve been doing a bit of Spring cleaning. I’ve de-cluttered my email inbox and unsubscribed from emails that are no longer of importance to me, I’ve similarly stripped down who I follow on Instagram, and I am in the process of giving the house a deep clean. I think Spring is the perfect time for true new beginnings with a fresh start – even more so than New Years. So in the spirit of this I have done some personal revamping – which will hopefully help give me a break from stress and anxiety.

This September I’ve reworked our living budget – trying to be more conscious of what we spend and how we spend it, and putting limitations (challenges?) on groceries, eating out, and entertainment and looking to be more creative with how we spend our time. I’ve found some great free events happening in Perth this month, and aim to work on my fitness and some educational opportunities to fill my time. I’ve also taken a look at what we eat, which I don’t feel has ever been ‘unhealthy’ but certainly could benefit from more leafy greens and less processed foods. I am looking forward to this month and will see how it all goes!

Things that have been providing me with inspiration and motivation at the start of September:

be5bdcfa08d1e02ec6a059a2b1b23e29Just all the things – I love these bags so much! ZEro waste for disabled or low income.jpgI am starting to make the transition to a plastic-free and zero (or near zero) waste lifestyle – I have been loving on all of these amazing containers and produce bags!

f37402023d2d9a5fd1c516942906dbe3.jpgAll the bright colours reminding me that summer is just around the corner! I’ve noticed that Perth has a lot of great murals and walls like this (this one is not in Perth) and it’s been really fun to explore the City and find these gems!

ff95198f6cfb7ffbf1d6ef2661e7f292This kimono is amazing – I am also on a pink binge at the moment (unusual for me) but dusty rose, pastel pink, and all the soft sweet pink colours are infiltrating my life. Also style goals – though I love the idea of a minimalist wardrobe, I think for me adding a unique piece here and there will keep it more creative.

Have a great September!

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