Monthly Motivation – October

Well, it’s already October! Wow September flew by. Looking back at September I can say that for the most part I stuck to my goals – grocery spending was reduced, we went and enjoyed what Perth and surrounding area has to offer (for nearly free), and worked on my fitness (weight training!) and nutrition further. I would say that I could have improved on my educational goals, as well as my blog posting goals (face palm) but I will work on those this month. I do have a better laid-out plan for posts this month, including some local travel guides, the return of the Thursday Three post, and some book reviews. Lofty goals considering my track record, but I am positive that I can do it.

I love October – the leaves, the cooler weather, Thanksgiving, and Halloween! What a fun month. However, this year things are definitely different. There will be no cool weather, no Thanksgiving, and I’ve heard Halloween is not as big of a deal here. That’s okay though, in the spirit of the soon-to-be Summer weather here in Perth, I’m obsessed with all things beach.

So without further ado, here are some of the beach images that have been inspiring me this month (and a few things I am coveting):


This beach is in Italy, but the Australian beaches are much the same (with whiter sand though!). Love these Umbrellas so much!


In fact I’ve been shopping around for beach umbrellas (WITH FRINGE!!) – I did finally find some at Sunday Supply Co. Also click the image to check out a great beach blog post by Simply Gold Coast!


So excited to get wrapped up in the Surf Culture here – I hope to try my hand at surfing this Summer (I have to admit, I am terrified of sharks but…).


Speaking of cars – we are looking to get a hatchback soon, and I am excited to turn it into an Adventure Hatchback! Not sure I will be including the vases 😉 but I do have plans to convert the back to view-enjoyment and lazy-lounging home away from home.


Finally, I can’t wait to try this place out! Island Market at Trigg Beach here in Perth. It is so cute, and those views are epic!

Enjoy your October friends!


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