Monthly Motivation – July

Time flies when you are having fun, I guess! Trying to get back into the blog – but things have been rather busy here. I’ve had visiting in-laws, travelled back to Canada to visit family, friends, and have my registration celebrated, and started a new job here in Perth! My husband has also finished his first semester of his second year, which was crazy intense! So yeah, we’ve been thriving but also just surviving over here.


My new job has been wonderful – it has been great to get back into working in an Architecture office. Lately my inspiration has been all about house plants thanks to my new friend and colleague who is extremely knowledgeable and LOVES plants. I’ve gotten the plant bug from her – and I have to say it is pretty easy to grow nice things in this forgivable climate. Additionally, my work is pretty passionate about bringing the outdoors in, so we’ve been looking at some plant-incorporating inspiration for our latest project!


Love the dual level of plants in this design.


I am a huge fan of incorporating plants directly into the design like this – plants in the staircase – yes please.


Brick is a big deal here; I’ve not worked with it much before, so it has been exciting to learn about. Bricks and plants – perfection.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 12.49.57 PM.png

I love ottomans – particularly those that are large, comfortable and somewhat resemble pebbles. I hope we can use a version of these for our new project! Bonus – these come in indoor and outdoor fabric!


Finally, just a fun little fashion image – mainly because it is winter here and I live in my jean jacket, but also because I just love this aesthetic.

Have a great July friends!

(Images have been linked to original sources where I found them).



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