Monthly Motivation – September


Hello friends! Welcome to September! Here in Perth we have reached Spring, and you can certainly tell it is in the air. Flowers are blooming and the weather has been getting hotter (it was 28 C last week!). It has been a relatively mild winter compared to last winter, so I certainly can’t complain. With Spring has come the urge for decluttering, opening up all the windows and doors to let in the fresh air, and cleaning every inch of my house. Along those lines I am also hyper aware of all the crazy climate information circulating out there right now, the hordes of plastic clogging up the oceans, and the tragedy of the Amazon burning.


As such I am going to spend September cleaning up my act, not just my house (I’ve already started, but could still do much better). I’ve got the keep cups, metal water bottle, bees wax ‘saran-wrap,’ re-usable produce and grocery bags, and have been using only washable clothes as opposed to paper towel. Recently, I’ve joined a buy nothing group on Facebook that focuses on gifting items that are no longer needed or requesting items to see if others have them before you buy; I’ve gone back to ordering my meat from responsible and free-range local sources, as well as ordering groceries online with delivery to my door thereby cutting down on my personal car use; I am committing to going to the local farmers market on foot or on my bike on Saturday morning’s; and have plans to explore other methods of lowering my impact on the planet. Additionally, I am planning to set up my own herb and vegetable garden this Spring once I have saved up some funds.

This month I will be applying a range of methods, as well as taking a look into the ethical and planet-friendly brands, restaurants, and activities in Perth, so I will have a post for that! I am hopeful that if we all apply some simple changes in our lives that we can help change things for the future. I know that we need to make drastic changes, which is why I am always applying sustainability the buildings I design, but the small changes are just as important.

How have you made moves for a more sustainable future? Let me know if you’ve encountered any great books or articles that talk about climate change and decreasing our impact!


Image Credit: all images are linked to the original sources, click for some great blog posts from other bloggers 🙂

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