My name is Sydney Madi, and I am a Registered Architect previously in Alberta, Canada and now in Perth, Australia. This blog is my place to share my experiences within Architecture, as well as what inspires me in my everyday life. It is a collection of Architecture, design, art, food, and adventures and I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

I currently live with my husband, and have just moved for him to attend Physiotherapy school here in Perth. We love to explore our new City, will be exploring the area surrounding the City and Australia, and enjoy our new place close to the University. You can find me on Instagram @thesun_neverknew where I post photos of interesting architecture, art, and design related finds.

For those of you not familiar with Architecture, the name of this blog is inspired by a quote from a famous historical figure. It guides my own personal exploration in Architecture, in design, and in life itself. It speaks of the delight and joy that occurs at the threshold where the man-made meets nature, and how we can produce beauty and light in the world.

“The Sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building” – Louis Kahn



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