Narrowing this down to just three was quite difficult. There are so many amazing artists out there who produce mind-blowing large- and small-scale murals – I encourage you to do a search for yourself to see what I mean. As a new goal, when I go to a new City, I am going to do... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – May

Aaaand we’re back. It is amazing how suddenly it has been half a year between posts. I am once again back into the swing of this blog thing. During these days of isolation, I’ve taken a long look at my past posts and realized that perhaps the blog is trying to be too many things... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – November

Ahhh November. How did we get here already? A friend of mine recently called November her “weird in-between” month and definitely not her favourite month. I think I’d have to agree with her. November feels a bit like a waiting game, there are no real ‘holidays’ for us Canadians (and the one day off is... Continue Reading →

Book Club: Yes is More

When I picked up this book from the Library, I can tell you that it was not what I expected (at first). The book is essentially a comic-book using real project visuals and diagrams from Bjarke Ingels’ firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) - read 'an archicomic'. As I started reading it I realized that a... Continue Reading →

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