What’s Trending February 09-15

Happy almost Valentine's Day! Love has certainly been in the air this week for myself, I celebrated 7 years of dating with my boyfriend and tomorrow is Valentine's. Luckily though, I haven't gone over the top with the Valentines themed links today! Here's what I saw trending this week: Cheesy Architecture Valentine's day cards (o... Continue Reading →

What was Trending | January 12-18

Okay so missed the typical post day for this - but figured I'd post it anyways. Here's what I saw trending the week of Jan 12-18! It would be interesting if all buildings were required to be "built-in" to their surroundings Go Green Roofs! Anyone else thinking this looks a lot like all his other... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why We Should be Using LEED

I realized that I had mentioned LEED in my previous post and not everyone may know what that means. LEED, or "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" is a Green Building certification program that certifies buildings that employ best-practices and strategies for sustainable construction and operation. It is essentially a set of requirements that a... Continue Reading →

What’s Trending January 05-11

What's Trending January 05-11 It was a fairly laid back week for me this week (at work anyways), just worked on doing some LEED documentation. It is exciting to get to participate in projects such as the one I am working on, which is going for LEED Gold as I am hugely encouraged by any... Continue Reading →

Clean-Lined Contrast : Winter Architecture

  I'm all for the traditional cozy cabins we think of when we consider a winter retreat. The fireplace, the log structure, the puffy couches, the views! Its all so quaint! But, there is something about modern or contemporary design in the wintertime that has me second guessing the traditional motif. The following 'winter cabins'... Continue Reading →

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