I love the continued trend of adding ‘green’ into Architecture – green walls, green roofs, green houses – but so far we have been pretty superficial with it. What if those plants could actually feed us instead of just looking pretty? (okay I know I know they do improve air quality and mood but still)... Continue Reading →

Project Visioning – Banff

  As Architects we gain inspiration from the world around us. Crafted images have become wonderful sources for our visioning process, and the internet & social media have really opened up the variety of  inspiration images available. I particularly draw from both example projects, built or not, but also from 'lifestyle' or 'scenic' images that... Continue Reading →

What’s Trending February 09-15

Happy almost Valentine's Day! Love has certainly been in the air this week for myself, I celebrated 7 years of dating with my boyfriend and tomorrow is Valentine's. Luckily though, I haven't gone over the top with the Valentines themed links today! Here's what I saw trending this week: Cheesy Architecture Valentine's day cards (o... Continue Reading →

What was Trending | January 12-18

Okay so missed the typical post day for this - but figured I'd post it anyways. Here's what I saw trending the week of Jan 12-18! It would be interesting if all buildings were required to be "built-in" to their surroundings Go Green Roofs! Anyone else thinking this looks a lot like all his other... Continue Reading →

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