What was Trending | January 12-18

Okay so missed the typical post day for this - but figured I'd post it anyways. Here's what I saw trending the week of Jan 12-18! It would be interesting if all buildings were required to be "built-in" to their surroundings Go Green Roofs! Anyone else thinking this looks a lot like all his other... Continue Reading →

What’s Trending January 05-11

What's Trending January 05-11 It was a fairly laid back week for me this week (at work anyways), just worked on doing some LEED documentation. It is exciting to get to participate in projects such as the one I am working on, which is going for LEED Gold as I am hugely encouraged by any... Continue Reading →

Late night thoughts.

Watched Minority Report. On my drive home from my boyfriends I listened to a song I’ve never heard on ElectricArea, “We’re all We Need.” Somehow randomly got to thinking about last Thanksgiving, where I had this really nice experience with my mom. We were the last to leave Kelowna, having cleaned up after all the... Continue Reading →

Learning to be a #GIRLBOSS

So here it is my first book review! On many of the blogs I follow there was mention of #GIRLBOSS and I decided to investigate for myself. I can see now why the book is so popular! It was really great – particularly because I have been trying to figure out this whole working-forever business... Continue Reading →

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