Monday Motivation

Happy March! It's supposed to be spring back home, but it appears winter has decided to stay. Here in Perth we are going into Autumn - but still feels like summer! My brother sent me an interesting article today regarding the "Tyranny of Convenience" and I thought it was quite profound. With my lifestyle change... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation

This week is our first "real" week after having spent the last month painting our new place, exploring and getting familiar with our surroundings, and preparing for my husband to start school. Today was his first day! I will be posting more about our move later, but to start the week off right here are... Continue Reading →

Life Lately

Well hello again! It’s only been, what, a few years since last hearing from me? Every time I took a look at my blog and the 2015 date on the last post I cringed in guilt. But at the same time, I realized perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew at that... Continue Reading →

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