Clean-Lined Contrast : Winter Architecture

  I'm all for the traditional cozy cabins we think of when we consider a winter retreat. The fireplace, the log structure, the puffy couches, the views! Its all so quaint! But, there is something about modern or contemporary design in the wintertime that has me second guessing the traditional motif. The following 'winter cabins'... Continue Reading →

ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION PAGES One of the easiest ways to find inspiration for your own project presentations, particularly during school, is to look at what other people are doing in competitions. There are a number of amazing competition sites out there that put many or all of their participant's projects up on their websites. I have... Continue Reading →

COLOUR IN ARCHITECTURE (Okay so I know its not Thursday but I am trying to catch up on the blogging thing!) Who doesn't like fun colours in their architecture? Surprisingly a lot of people. Most professors I've had, and many professionals (not all of them of course) will tell you to use colour sparingly in... Continue Reading →

    Don’t we all wish that we could work like this! Still accomplishing something but enjoying the great outdoors or having more fun in general! Studies do show that employees who are provided with built in “break” spaces and/or connections to nature are much more productive and of course happier. That said, obviously we... Continue Reading →

TIANJIN BRIDGED GARDENS These Gardens located in the Hedong District , Tianjin City, China are a whirlwind of colour and texture in both landscape and hardscape. The project, completed in 2008, was a remediation project to improve the soil and water conditions on a site that was highly polluted and full of garbage. It looks... Continue Reading →

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