Architectural Visualization Resources

One of the most irritating things in Architectural Visualization (ie. creating renderings/perspectives of our wonderful buildings ;)) is finding the people, the trees and the textures that go into them to enliven them and give clients an idea of how the place will be populated.

Check out Alex Hogrefe’s blog (link below) for some great resources that provide these key elements to you!



Wow! Toronto!

I arrived in Toronto with my mom on Saturday, and it has been a blast so far! Wandering beautiful neighbourhoods, shopping along Bloor Street, admiring the architecture AND… American Authors! the Script! ONEREPUBLIC!

One of the best concerts I have ever been to! 3 bands and 4 hours of crazy loud crazy good music! But OneRepublic was amazing. Just amazing. I love their songs because they have a beautiful mix of lyrics, really good singing, and fantastic instrumentals. There was so much energy, the lights and audio were great and it was warm with NO bugs (which in Calgary is a foreign concept). The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre is definitely an interesting venue – the reverberation off of the roof made it a bit difficult to distinguish words and it definitely would have been a greater experience without the roof – but regardless it was still really good. Funny how I ended up in an Amphitheatre after researching them!







Mexican Hot Chocolate Muffins

That’s right, not just your average chocolate chunk muffins, Mexican Hot Chocolate Muffins. For those of you who have never heard of this kind of hot chocolate, its hot chocolate but with a kick! Remember… the movie? Chocolat? 

Now, real Mexican Hot Chocolate is made with pure cocoa, cinnamon, and chiles – so I can’t say that these are perfect – but using hot chocolate mix, ground cinnamon and chipotle spice is certainly on the right track. The addition of hot chocolate to the regular cocoa powder makes for a bit of a creamier taste to the muffins, and also allowed me to decrease the amount of white sugar.

Perhaps these won’t pass as breakfast muffins, but they do have less sugar than a cupcake, so perhaps its best they remain a snack. The chocolate muffin base is based off of a recipe from, but I have modified it quite a bit.


Depending on how spicy you are willing to go you can add more spice to the top of the muffin. I would say 1/8 teaspoon may not be enough! These were delightfully chocolatey and had a smokey undertone with the chipotle. Alternatively I would try cayenne or chili powder to see what kind of different tastes you get!