Monthly Motivation – May

Aaaand we’re back. It is amazing how suddenly it has been half a year between posts. I am once again back into the swing of this blog thing. During these days of isolation, I’ve taken a long look at my past posts and realized that perhaps the blog is trying to be too many things... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – September

Hello friends! Welcome to September! Here in Perth we have reached Spring, and you can certainly tell it is in the air. Flowers are blooming and the weather has been getting hotter (it was 28 C last week!). It has been a relatively mild winter compared to last winter, so I certainly can't complain. With... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – July

Time flies when you are having fun, I guess! Trying to get back into the blog – but things have been rather busy here. I’ve had visiting in-laws, travelled back to Canada to visit family, friends, and have my registration celebrated, and started a new job here in Perth! My husband has also finished his... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – November

Ahhh November. How did we get here already? A friend of mine recently called November her “weird in-between” month and definitely not her favourite month. I think I’d have to agree with her. November feels a bit like a waiting game, there are no real ‘holidays’ for us Canadians (and the one day off is... Continue Reading →

Book Club: The Magnolia Story

Okay so this book isn’t on the giant list of books I said I would read and write about, but as I enjoyed this book immensely I felt it was necessary to write about it (and recommend it)! I love Chip and Joanna Gaines; their HGTV show “Fixer Upper” has to be among my top... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – October

Well, it’s already October! Wow September flew by. Looking back at September I can say that for the most part I stuck to my goals – grocery spending was reduced, we went and enjoyed what Perth and surrounding area has to offer (for nearly free), and worked on my fitness (weight training!) and nutrition further.... Continue Reading →

Monthly Motivation – September

Welcome to September friends - here Spring has sprung, and back home in Canada it appears Autumn has hit early. As the flowers start to bloom here and the temperatures slowly rise I've been doing a bit of Spring cleaning. I've de-cluttered my email inbox and unsubscribed from emails that are no longer of importance... Continue Reading →

Book Club: Yes is More

When I picked up this book from the Library, I can tell you that it was not what I expected (at first). The book is essentially a comic-book using real project visuals and diagrams from Bjarke Ingels’ firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) - read 'an archicomic'. As I started reading it I realized that a... Continue Reading →

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