Monthly Motivation – November

Ahhh November. How did we get here already? A friend of mine recently called November her “weird in-between” month and definitely not her favourite month. I think I’d have to agree with her. November feels a bit like a waiting game, there are no real ‘holidays’ for us Canadians (and the one day off is intended to be somber in honour of Remembrance Day) and the weather has slowly declined. It’s that strange month that comes between what we think of as “fall” (cue the pumpkin spice, apple pie, cozy cups of coffee, the return of boots etc.) and essentially Christmas (since it is usually snowy and cold for most of December all we look forward to IS Christmas). Or if you are a boss-lady adventurer like my friend, it’s the month between summer vacation, her regular fall two-week trip (this year was Scotland), and her extended month-long Christmas vacation somewhere amazing and different (this year is the Philippines). 😉

For me this November is somewhat the same. I am WAITING for an exact date when I know work will be completely insane (November 24 for those wondering), and though I am still busy I feel like the rest of November will just pass by. My husband is studying for exams which will be the next two weeks, though I know he feels like time is moving at an agonizing pace. Finally, I am planning two trips at the moment – one for the end of this month down South (SO EXCITED) to Bremer Bay, Albany and likely Denmark – and one in January with the in-laws to Melbourne. In other words, November seems to be the month of waiting to move on to greener pastures.

Now, here is the moment where I lecture everyone on the importance of Remembrance Day. Having just said all the things I said, there is nothing that I am MORE grateful for than the fact that I CAN plan these trips, live my life in freedom, have married the person I chose to, and not be afraid of the world. Thank you to all those who fought (and died) in the wars, and to any who still fight for justice and peace. Though the fight is far from being over, you have contributed to making a better world. Of course I am not just grateful on November 11, but Remembrance Day IS a great reminder to remember that we should do all we can in our personal lives, and through other lives we may touch, to uphold the principles of freedom, of justice, and of choice, in everything we do.

Aaaand on that note, I am going to share some wonderful Remembrance Day memorials (related to Architecture) featuring the Poppy:

P1010017The Wall of Honour at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. I am happy that Australia takes their Remembrance Day as seriously as we do (if not even more-so).

poppy1.jpgThe Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. Upgrades done by ARM Architecture. This has been added to the list of places I want to visit while I am there in January. It looks really interesting, with sunken levels and a number of memorial spaces.

installazione-startt-al-maxxi-museo-roma-2.jpgThese abstract poppies at the MAXXI Museum in Italy, by StARTT, are really beautiful.  

01.jpgFinally last, but not least, one close to home –  Poppy Plaza along Memorial Drive,  by Calgary firm the Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative (MBAC), and it is amazing!

Despite it not being her favourite month, I hope you all have a great November 😛


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